Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dearest Leilani,

You are officially 7 months old as of yesterday! You are around 17 pounds and as cute as ever! You are starting to crawl, and sitting up with no problem. You sleep for over 12 hours a night and are loving food! The latest solid, if you can call it that, are green beans. The cats love you and you LOVE them! You started taking baths in the regular tub rather than the sink and are havin fun splashing around. We are going to Miami next week for a visit with your Grammie Audrey! She is so excited to see you and you also get to meet your cousins Ari and Jessia, and mommy's cousin Arlene and Aunt Carole (also your Aunt). We love you so very much and you are the best baby EVER!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy