Friday, December 26, 2008


So this past week was Leilani's first Hannukah and Christmas. Needless to say we were more excited about it than she was. We went to Christmas Eve services at 8pm and even though Leilani usually goes to bed around 7:30pm, she did well and we had a good time. On Christmas morning, I made the Ultimate Sticky Buns and they were yummy!! This will be a new family Christmas tradition...YAY! Chris got a great Mountain Bike for Christmas (from me) and I got a new 42" Plasma for our bedroom (from him). We love having his parents and brother here. They have made life easier and are, of course, totally in love with Leilani. Here are some pictures of her during the past week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Leilani - 4 months

Dearest Leilani,

You are 4 months old now and have been for a week! We took you to your 4 month check up and you weigh 14 lbs, and are 24 inches long! Basically, you have gained almost 3 pounds (3 ounces short) and grew an inch! You are in all the right "percentiles" and are just a happy loving baby! Your doctor, Dr. Nevius, doesnt think you need to start on any kind of solid food for a least another month, if not 2 months. we might try you on rice cereal at 5.5 months, but really there is no rush.

Your Grandma Irene has been staying with you ALL month (December) and loves you SO much. She even calls you "Grandma's Girl". Grandpa Russ and Uncle Matt come down this past Saturday to spend the holidays with us.

As this is both your first Hanukkah and Christmas, I am so overjoyed. I dont think you care much, but hey, next year you will.

You are seriously the easiest baby we (your daddy and I) are SO in love with you and know how lucky we are to be your parents. You have been rolling over more frequently, found your thumb, and LAUGH out loud...this is so cute!

You are truly the joy in my life. I have a motto that "everything happens for a reason", this is very true as you are My Reason, Our Reason. Everything we have done, every one we have met, every choice we have made has brought us to be your parents, your mommy and daddy. We love you so much.


Mommy, Daddy and of course, the Kitties, Nittany and Fat Baby Kitty

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes...

So at this exact time last year I was at our Reproductive Endocrinologist's office getting blood work done to see if I was pregnant. At 12:15pm that afternoon a year ago I got the call that STILL brings tears to my eyes:
Phone: Ring
Me: Hello
Nurse: Hi Alana, I am calling from Dr. Toledo's office
Me: okay
Nurse: Well...YOU'RE PREGNANT!
Me: Are you kidding?
Nurse: No, I dont joke about things like this.
Me: Are you serious?
Nurse: Yes (laughing)
Me: OH MY GOD! So I am, what 4 weeks along
Nurse: Yes, 4 weeks and we'll have you come in every other day for more bloodwork and we have scheduled your first ultrasound for January due to holidays.
Me: Wow...okay. Thank you!
Nurse: have a good day. Good bye.
Me: Bye

I sat on the floor of my office, shocked, for a good 10 minutes before I could grasp what was actually happening. Then I had to think about how I was going to tell Chirs. I was going to make him a dinner full of baby veggies and the like or put a bun in the oven, or all kinds of things. So all I had to do was run out to the grocery store and target and get everything done, but I had a 2pm conference call with my boss. No worries, I would still have time. Wouldnt you know it, Chris came home early that day, so I had NO time to plan ANYTHING! Instead I ended up giving him a Penn State Onesie that said "Powers" on the back (which he thought meant we were only having 1 baby and it was a boy)...hahahaha I have it on video and it something I will cherish forever, even though he cursed ALOT!

The greatest part was this was the day after Chris' 28th birthday. I really wanted to take a pregnancy test on his birthday, because that would have been an awesome gift, but I also didnt want to ruin his day with a negative pregnancy test. In the end, I am happy I waited for the actual blood test so I wouldnt be 2nd guessing myself or the test. Now exactly a year later, we have our amazing little girl who will be 4 months old on the 16th of this month (wow 6 days from now)! She is truly our little miracle and our reason, our purpose for everything. We are truly blessed. What a difference a year makes!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What Religion is Your Bra??

Too funny not to share:

A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy's and shyly walked up
to the woman behind the counter and said, 'I'd like to buy a bra for my wife.'
'What type of bra?' asked the clerk.
'Type?' inquires the man, 'There's more than one type?'

'Look around,' said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every
shape, size, color and material imaginable.

'Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four
types of bras to choose.'
Relieved, the man asked about the types.

The saleslady replied:
'There are the
Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types.
Which one would you prefer?'

Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them.

The Saleslady responded, 'It is all really quite simple... '

The Catholic type supports the masses.
The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen, The Presbyterian type keeps them staunch and upright, and The Baptist makes mountains out of molehills.

Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes? If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed!

(A} Almost boobs...
{B} Barely there.
{C} Can't complain!
{D} Dang!
{DD} Double dang!
{E} Enormous!
{F} Fake.
{G} Get a reduction.
{H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!

Oh! And don't forget the German bra....Holtzemfromfloppen

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Birth Plan...

Well, with so many people I know trying to or becoming pregnant, I thought I would post the Birth Plan from Leilani's arrival. This was an integral part of having everything happen the way we wanted. Please feel free to use it, use part of it or use nothing of it:

Birth Plan for Alana and Chris Powers
To my Health Care Providers: Thank you for taking the time to work with us and our birth plan. We are planning a natural unmedicated water birth. These are our preferences; however we are open and flexible to any medical intervention that may become necessary in the case of a medical emergency.
Environment: I would like for people entering the room to speak softly and close the door behind them. I would like for people entering the room to quietly announce who they are so that I am aware of who is in the room. Please let me know before you touch me or start any procedure. Please make sure to approach me from the front only and not from behind. I may get startled if I can not see someone before they touch me. I would also like the light dimmed.
IV & Nutrition: I prefer to have no IV or heparin lock.
Induction: Natural methods first (nipple stimulation, walking, etc.) to try and avoid Pitocin and amniotomy.
Pain Relief: I am aware of my pain control options; please don't mention them to me.
Please do not ask me to rate my pain for you.
Monitoring: I prefer the baby to be monitored intermittently with the portable EFM.
Second Stage Labor: As long as the baby and I are healthy, I prefer to have no time limits on pushing. I would like to push in whatever position feels right, and prefer to push spontaneously, not directed. Please no counting while pushing I prefer to have the lights dimmed for delivery or, if it is daylight, to access only natural light. No episiotomy unless the baby is in distress and needs to be born quickly.
After The Baby Is Born: I would like my baby placed immediately on my abdomen following the birth, skin to skin with a warm blanket over it. Please do not separate me and my baby for routine procedures (weighing, measuring, newborn exam and bath) until after my baby has successfully breastfed on both breasts. Please do these procedures with me as much as possible. I would like my husband to give our baby her first bath in the nursery with me present.
Third Stage Labor: Please wait for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is clamped. Please allow my husband to cut the umbilical cord. Natural delivery of the placenta with me pushing. I would like to delay routine Pitocin after the placenta.
Newborn Procedures: If the baby has any problems, I would like my husband to be present with the baby at all times, if possible. I would like to have routine newborn procedures delayed until bonding and breastfeeding have occurred. I would like all newborn routine procedures to be performed in my presence. I would like eye ointment, Vitamin K shot, PKU/Newborn Screening testing or immunizations delayed as long as possible for bonding. We would like to give our baby its first bath in the nursery. My baby is to be exclusively breastfed on demand, do not offer my baby formula, pacifier, and artificial nipple or sugar water without my consent. If my baby's health is in jeopardy, I would like: To be transported with my baby if possible. My husband to go with the baby. To breastfeed or express my milk for my baby.
My Hospital Stay: I prefer to have my husband stay with me.
Cesarean Delivery: If a C-Section is not an emergency, please give us time alone to think about it before asking for our written consent. My husband is to be present at all times during the c-section. Ideally, I would like to remain conscious during the procedure. I would like to have contact with the baby as soon as it is possible in the delivery room. I prefer to have a hand free to touch the baby. If possible, please discuss anesthesia options with me. I prefer a low transverse incision on my abdomen and uterus. Double layer sutures on the uterus.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holy Trip from HELL!!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it's one of the few times (and I mean FEW) where most of my family gets together. This year was particularly special because we had Ms. Leiani with us. This was a little nerve-wracking because it was also her first plane ride. All I can say is she did wonderfully and even slept from during take-off and landing.
Anyway, seeing family was great and we get ready to leave for our 12noon flight from Islip to Atlanta with a layover in Philly. We arrive to the airport at 1015am or so, check in and security is a breeze, so far so good. Blah, our flight is delayed an hour, no biggie, we'll still make our connection. We get to Philly and run to our gate (the Philly airport is spread out and we had to get to a different terminal from where we landed) only to find that our flight was delayed an hour...okay no big deal, we grab a bite and feed the Bean. Uh oh...out of Nowhere the flight is cancelled due to weather both out of Philly and into Atlanta. GREAT! Luckily a gate person, named Ruth, booked us on the next flight to Atlanta leaving at 415pm...yikes have to run, which gate...oh no F27..we just came from F (where in C). Oh no wait, we dont have to run, the 415pm flight was delayed until 615pm. Well we'll walk then and relax. We get there, sit, chill, feed the baby again and uh oh, flight delayed until 741pm. GREAT! Oh well...we'll make it work. Nope, wrong again. Flight cancelled...seriously? Seriously! We run to get onto line at customer service and after waiting another 30 minutes, are told we have two choices, take an 845pm to Charlotte, NC and flight to Atlanta the next day or stay in Philly until Tuesday and fly out then. No brainer, get the flight to NC, have no bags, get a comp hotel (you get what you pay for), total flea bag hotel, put the baby to bed and its lights out by 1am. Up again at 7am, finally get on a flight and are landed in ATL by 3pm. Get our bags, get Chris' mom, which is great, get the car and get OUT OF THERE!! Finally get home and am happy to get to relax! In the end I am just Thankful we are home.

Speaking of being thankful, this past November 25th marks the anniversary of Leilani's conception. I know because it was done in a dish in a lab...very sexy. I am just so Thankful for her. She made me a mom, made Chris and I a family and just did so many wonderful things for our lives. Needless to say everything prior to her arrival was just the "little stuff" and I cant believe I ever got so upset and worked up about nothing. She is our purpose. We work to provide for her, we live to be with her and watch her grow. She is our true meaning in life. I am so thankful and thankful for family.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Joslyn or any Parents-to-be

So there is NO better advice, than advice from a NEW MOM! I mean things change so quickly that advice from a mom with a 1 year old is out-dated, nevermind the advice the older folks give...that being said, here is the advice I have to give that I wish someone would have given me:

Dear Joslyn,

CONGRATS on becoming pregnant. PREGNANCY IS GROSS! Amazing, yes, but FREAKIN' GROSS! From your breasts getting bigger, to your pants no longer fitting, your ankles swelling, mucus plugs, mucus in general that is NOT in your nose, to the actual labor and delivery. Pregnancy is beautiful because babies are amazing, but in actuality, it's GROSS!

Everyone will be offering you advice, just smile and nod and do what you want to do anyway. It's your baby. They had their chance.

Have some wine...AFTER you have the baby even if you are nursing. If your baby doesnt like what it does to your milk he/she will let you know. Leilani doesnt mind when I indulge in a glass of wine or two. She does mind if I indulge in Soy Milk...go figure.

If your spouse isnt supportive now, they are not going to be once the baby is here. Chris is an amazing husband, was a fantastic coach during labor and is an incredible father. But I do know women who thought their husbands would change after the baby was born, this is not so. They will love their child, YES, but they will still be their idiot-selves to you and not understand what you are going through.

With a newborn, you HAVE to be there, especially if you are nursing. So if someone offers to help say: YES, bring food that can be frozen and then come and watch the baby when they are 2-3months old.

Germs are good. If someone isnt sick and they havent been touching anything gross, it's okay to hold a baby (maybe not BRAND new), without washing their hands. If you disinfect EVERYTHING your baby is going to get majorly ill at the smallest thing. Not a good thing.

Dont get a video monitor. This is a personal choice, but if I had one I would be staring at it ALL the time and never sleep! Get the Fisher Price Sight and Sound monitor. Awesome.

Have the baby in your room for the first 2 months or so. Then straight to the crib! This is mainly a selfish reason, but I was breast-feeding (still am) and didnt want to have to walk down the hall to feed her. I said in your room, not in your bed. If you are co-bedding, that's one thing, but if not, have a bassinett in the room, so baby has their own space in your room. If your baby is not sleeping through the night like Leilani was (5-6 hrs/night from day 1, not sleeps from 8pm-7am!) it may be because of you, so move them sooner into the crib in another room. I say this because if you wake up and move every time your little one makes a TINY move, your sheets and blanket move, make noise, wake your baby up and then you tend to them. It's a whole vicious cycle with your sheets being the culprit...go figure!

FREEZE meals ahead of time. Everyone is SO excited you had a baby, YAY. They come over bring stuff and then as suddenly as it started, it stops and nobody calls you anymore. You are no longer the center of the universe. Your young, single, unattached friends stop calling because you obviously cant go out anymore, your married with children friends stop calling because, HELL, they have kids too and thats their main priority and you are all alone, feeding a baby every 2 hrs and nothing to eat. Freeze meals, you'll thank me.

BABIES EAT...ALOT. Now, when I say alot, I dont mean ounces, I mean frequently...every 2 hours at first. Leilani when we first brought her home would nurse for 30 minutes. Sometimes this included a burping session in the middle (which would push it to 40 minutes). Add a diaper change and more burping and your up to an hour. Then you have an hour to do what you want to do...IF AND ONLY IF you can get them to relax in a swing, bouncy chair, someone elses arms, etc...then it's back to feeding. It's NOT 2 hrs from the time the last feeding's 2 hrs from when then the last feeding began! Remember that.

Showers..take them, enjoy them, but learn to master the 5 minute shower as well. Leilani had a certain nack for only falling asleep on someone, having to be on that person for 15 minutes while in a deep sleep before you can put her down. Because it took her 30 minutes to fall asleep in the first place after feeding, you now only have 15 mins to do whatever you want to do. Throw a load of laundry in, go and pee, run the shower, jump in and crying. They are fine. Just hurry it up because no mother can stand a screaming baby, especially her own.

PAMPERS SWADDLERS SENSITIVE: Greatest diapers EVER! They actually have a line that shows whether the baby is wet or not. Leilani can sit in her poop ALL day, if she gets wet, forget it, the world is coming to an end. This is also nice because you dont have to stick your hands in the diaper to see if it's wet or not!

Changing diapers is gross, get over it. You become a freakin' NASCAR driver of diaper changes and it becomes almost painful to watch a novice to do it. I almost want to jump out of my skin and do it myself...but then I realize, Gossip Girl is on and now I can watch it from my comfy couch rather than get up to change a poopy diaper.

OH! After you deliver you bleed for weeks! It's normal, get absorbant maxi-pads and go on about your business.

Dont forget you are also a wife. Being a new mom is exhausting. Staying at home and doing nothing but watching a baby will have you in bed faster than it did when you were pregnant, but your husband is also once in awhile tend to his...ya know...needs.

You cant stock up on sleep. I HATED when people told me "sleep wont be sleeping for the next 18 yrs." I was exhausted at the end of my pregnancy and I was tired when we first brought her home...I wish sleep was like an ING savings account...I'd have so much, I could stay awake for days and still have tons left over..but alas, this is not so.

Washing stuff is overrated. People LOVE buying everything in newborn and 0-3 month size because, well, compared to everything else is cute and so little. Leilani is in 3-6 month stuff now, and hey, it's still cute and little. Anyway, I washed EVERYTHING that was newborn and then 0-3 months and ended up realizing: Newborn is UP TO 8 POUNDS! If you have a big baby, you can just throw that stuff away (well keep it for #2, but you get what I am saying, right?). The 0-3 month stuff people get you is what THEY LIKE...not what YOU we got a lot of dresses....I LOVED them...but I quickly realized that they were SO annoying. This is because when you pick your baby up under the arms, the whole dress goes up to and your baby is essentially naked again...ONESIES AND PANTS! Thats they way to go.

If its not in your face you wont use it. I have 5 drawers in her nursery, I only know whats in 2 of them because that is where I keep her socks/hats and then PJ's. I missed out on SO many clothes because I just didnt look. I saw what was in front of me and thats what she closed. Her closet is a God-Send (thank you Chris). Most of clothes, including onesies that werent basic white, where hung up, in front of me. Easy to see, easy to locate and easy to grab.

Forget's over priced. Get All Free and Clear. No perfume, no dyes...good to go.

Wash your clothes in the same detergent. Leilani broke out because of the Tide we were using. It was obvious once we were told because it was only where her little head would touch our clothing. So now we wash everything in ALL Free and Clear. It is also nice if we ever have to wash something of hers with our loads, its no big deal.

Get a lingerie bag for her socks. Those little socks are so darn cute...but so darn little. They can and will be lost so easily. Get in the habit of putting the socks in the lingerie bag before you do the baby laundry and it makes life alot easier in the end.

You will get peed with it. You will get pooped with it. Plus it's your child, so its almost funny.

But stuff on sale.

Indulge once in a while

Have date night

Dont be afraid to ask for help

It's okay to cry

Your baby is NOT THAT CUTE...when they first come out...HA! There, I finally said it. It may be the most beautiful thing YOU'VE ever seen, but not the rest of the world. They get cuter like a week later. Newborns all look funny and squished...but wouldnt you if you spent 10 months (YES 10) confined in a tight space, curled up in a ball, and then, became the size of a watermelon and had to squeeze through someone the size of a grapefruit...common!

Take lots of a few. This is advice I need to follow. Nobody loves or wants to see as many pictures of your baby as you do. But that moment will only happen once. They change minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. Everything is precious. Even that one night they decide they want to cry for no reason, wont go to sleep you are exhausted and you have to pace the halls. It is then you realize you wouldnt do that for anyone else. Not even your spouse. This is your baby.

Every stage is wonderful. When Leilani was born, I thought: What could be better than this. Well now she is laughing, smiling, cooing and just being funny and I often think: what could get better than's always better in a new and different way. It goes by quickly, so just live in the moment and dont look forward. Because if you are too busy looking forward you will miss whats going on right then and there. You are actually watching someone learn to smile, learn to control their hands..HECK, even find their hands. It's all awesome.

I will be putting together a present for you. I call it THE ESSENTIALS. it is everything you need and nothing you registered for. Just trust me.

Go out. Have a social baby.

Finally, you will have doubts. You will make mistakes. In the end you will figure out YOUR baby. They are all different and amazing. You will cry because you love him/her so much. You will cry when they are in pain. You will cry when they smile because you have never seen anything so pure and beautiful. Give thanks every day and love every day. Parenthood. There is nothing like it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

3 months old!

Dear Leilani,

You are now officially 3 months old and have been since yesterday. You are growing so well and eating 5-7 ounces per feeding. I have gone back to work and miss you terribly during the day, but daddy took off a whole week to spend with you and now your Grammy Audrey is here until Thanksgiving!

We have you on a 3 hour schedule which is nice because its very predictable and we can tell almost exactly what you need and when. If you get off of schedule it tends to set us all back and you take forever to fall asleep, so obviously, like most babies, you like routine. What are the new things that you can do? You smile a lot more, laugh here and there, are becoming more and more attentive to things for longer stretches of time and LOVE your Baby Einstein DVD (I need to get more). You are total joy in our lives and we are blessed to have you. More and more people are saying you look like me, even with your bright blue eyes, but I think you are a wonderful mix of both your daddy and I.

You like having conversations with people and have a very pleasant demeanor when around people. You love social situations and seeing, hearing, and doing new things! This is a plus, as daddy and I like to go out. The weather is getting colder, but that just means cuter sweaters and pants for you! I think I am going to try your new Ugg boots from Lindsay soon! We love you and are so proud of you!


Mommy (and Daddy and of course the kitties, Nittany and Fat Baby Kitty)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Going Back to Work...She Laughs!

So tomorrow will be my first day back to work in 12 weeks...YES 12 weeks. I've had 3 months to hang out and chill with our beanie and it has been nothing short of amazing. I find myself a mix of emotions - I am a bit excited to go back to work, shower on a regular basis, speak to adults daily and the like, but then again, I dont want to miss a thing when it comes to Leilani. I love seeing her wake up, fall asleep, eat, play, discover, learn, smile and as of today LAUGH!!

That's right, she laughed today for the FIRST time!! She was sitting in her bouncy chair, looking at her stuffed friends and just LAUGHED. I looked at Chris after I let out a gasp and said "did you hear that?" He did. was wonderful to hear, just music to my ears! These are things I dont want to miss while at work. it makes me said to realize I will only be home (most days) to be with her for 3 or 4 hours of her being awake, but I will make the most of it and of course weekends. We are very lucky to have family taking care of her until February 1st. Thank goodness for that!

In a perfect world, I could work a part-time job and still make the same amount of money...HAHAHHA...oh well. I do take comfort in the fact that what I am doing helps my family grow and be and do what we would like to do. Good thing I love my job, right?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Little Model in Overalls

I really love these two pictures of Leilani in her first pair of overalls!!!

Halloweenie with the Beanie

Yesterday was Leilani's first Halloween and our first Halloween as parents. She was dressed as a Lady Bug or as the stitching on the bottom of the feet said: Love Bug. We had a great time at our neighbor's halloween party and then came home with time to give out candy and put her to sleep. She was the hit of the party and everyone loved her and couldnt believe how good she was being!! We were very proud!


With the bouncy seat!! So, I thought I had a bouncy seat and Leilani hated it, therefore it doesnt get used. I must say it's a cool seat that has a plug for your iPod so you can play more than just those annoying songs that come on the chair and let your child listen to real music! Anyway, our friend Jenny came over with her son Nicholas Mateo (he is SO cute, 5.5 months old), and I told her my issues with Leilani not really napping anywhere other than on me and she suggested a bouncy seat. I told her I had one, and showed it to her and she said "no you need to try a really bouncy seat." Hmmmm...okay, so I put it on my list of erands to run on Saturday. Anyway, we go for the Fisher-Price Hoppy Days Bouncer:

and she LOVES it, well at least today she does. So she is napping in it and I am typing! YAY! Of course as soon as I wrote that she woke up...however with a little bouncing action, she is back to sleep!! Anyway, just wanted to say that!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear Leilani,

You are officially 2 months old as of this past Thursday (October 16th). Today you are 9 weeks old and 1 day! You can hold your head up with amazing control. Given the right circumstances you can roll-over, but you need help to have your arms in the right place. You are cooing, and "talking" all the time and are just super cute. My favorite part of all your development this far is that you are smiling! You had your 2nd round of vaccines on Thursday (the 1st round was at your Hepatitis B vaccine). This time you had your 2nd round of Hepatitis B, Polio, Pneumococcal Disease, Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis, Hib (all shots - 5 of them) and 1 oral vaccine for Rotavirus. You cried alot and it almost made me cry, but you calmed down as soon as it was over (you are my little trooper).

You weigh 11 pounds and 3 ounces and are 23 inches long (this is a gain of 2 pounds and 3 ounces and a growth of 1.5 inches from your 1 month check-up). You are a very popular baby, your Aunt Sherry and Uncle Charlie came to visit you last weekend and your Aunt Danielle and Grandpa(ish) Tim were here this past weekend. Plus, your Uncle Matt is coming next weekend!!!

Your daddy and I love you SO much! Oh and you are finally sleeping through the night from 9ish to 7amish...YEA! KISSES!


Mommy (Daddy and the Kitties too!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smiles from the Mini Bean

Enjoy like we have!

So In Love

Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? Up above the world so high, mommy used to pray for you until she'd cry. Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?

Friday, October 10, 2008 finally happened!

I realize that Leilani is light, and has blue eyes and really light brown hair, well really a strawberry blonde sometimes, but she is MY baby. She looks just like me when she is asleep and has that unmistakable Blakey frown. Not to mention, I am not really dark to begin with and my mom is about as white as you can get. BUT while at the bank the other day, the manager looked at Leilani, looked at me and then said, in the way people do when they think they already know the answer: "Is that your baby?" To which I responded "Yes, she is." The bank manager quickly took the look of disbelief off of her face and said, "Oh, she is SO cute." Obviously I know she is cute, I mean DUH, have you looked at Chris and I, we are pretty good looking, so of course our child would be adorable, but enough about that. I thanked the bank manager for her compliment and went on about my business!

I guess my point is...WOW...what balls that lady had to ask that. On my way out of bowling last week, a lady who was hanging outside of the alley, yelled "THAT IS A FARI SKINNED BABY!" I just kept walking and didnt even acknowledge this statement. But I wanted to yell: SO WHAT and YOU SHOULD SEE HER FATHER! Blah..some people! I mean seriously.

Leilani is her own person and I think she is pefectly beautiful they way she is!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As a New Parent...

As I new parent I have learned many things. For example, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, Jessie and her son, Liam, came down to visit and asked us to put a nightlight in the hallway so she could see at night to get to the bathroom. For some reason I could NOT sleep with that small light there. Well, now I sleep with 2 nightlights on so I can see in the middle of the night to change and/or feed Leilani.

My body does this uncanny thing were it can rock itself while I am sleeping. This means that if Leilani fusses in her sleep my arm, on its own, will reach up and rock her bassinett until she falls asleep again. I also bounce non-stop to calm her without even realizing it.

I also can go a much longer time without eating than before as Leilani comes first and if she's hungry, than OH WELL for me! Right now she is sleeping on me and I love it! Being a mommy is fantastic!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Nanny or Day Care?

We are so blessed, as we dont have to think about daycare or a nanny until February as our wonderful parents are coming in "shifts" until Feb 1st. However, I am a planner and like to have my ducks in a Chris and I signed up for and are looking into nanny's. So which is better?? I guess we'll have to look at both options and work from there. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ninja Cat...too funny


Monday, September 29, 2008

She Smiled...I Cried...

This weekend has been very eventful. Chris and I took Leilani to the High Museum of Art to view the Civil Rights display. It was important to me to reflect on these people, times and events, because without them, I would have never been born and hence she wouldn't have been born (and we couldn't have that, now could we!). Some of the photos were extremely disturbing to me, but others where very inspirational.
Afterwards we got some lunch and headed to a friends house to watch football. She was perfect until she got too hot, so we had to leave. Oh well...

For the rest of the afternoon we hung out and after playing with her, making funny faces and noises (mostly Chris), she SMILED and it was MAGICAL! I cried...hahaha...yes, I am a big corn-ball, but it just melted my heart. Who knew one gummy smile could light up my life so much...well needless to say, now I am trying to make her smile all the time!

She is growing so quickly and we are enjoying every minute of it. I think she is officially out if her newborn clothes. But we have enough 0-3 months to last a lifetime!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Freakin' DVR...

I double checked and everything...but no...Grey's Anatomy didnt record. Needless to say..I am pissed!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Social Butterfly and Cradle Cap

Soooo..its official, Leilani loves to be around people and noise. Last night we had some people over to watch football and just hang out and our little girl was very happy to go to sleep around 9pm (sweet)...until she realized nobody was in the room with her anymore (I left to hang out and just brought the monitor with me), anyway, after several attempts to get her to go back to sleep, I brought her downstairs and she passed out in front of everyone and didnt wake up again until 4am!

We finally got rid of her "cradle cap". For anyone who doesnt know Cradle Cap is this breakout of sorts on her forehead due to the oils from her hair coming down and not being washed. Well, as a newborn, I didnt want to bathe her ALL the time, so now we just have to wash her hair everyday, but its all gone and it's nice to see our baby's face all nice and clear again.

Anyway, its time for her to eat and she is making that well known (I swear she has gotten louder) to the neighborhood!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing Like a...

weed...well, more like a flower. I took her to her 1 month doctor's appointment and she is 9 pounds on the dot and is now 21.5 inches. As a reminder, she was born at 7lbs 4oz and left the hopsital at 6 lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches long, so she has basically gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches.

I was thinking about the fact that we never call Leilani by her name. We call her "little beans" "beanie butts" "little butts", and a few other things, but never Leilani...hmmm...I guess we'll see.

Anyway, life here is fantastic...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Leilani's birth announcement

Chris and I ordered Leilani's birth announcement! I am so excited to get them and finally send them out as I have had the envelopes addressed for AGES!! Leilani is sleeping on my lap right now, so I think I'll take a nap too...anyway, keep a look out for the announcement in a the next few weeks (they need to be delivered and we need to get stamps.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I Couldn't Live Without

I really dont even know who reads this, but if any of you are expecting, or have had a baby, here a few things that I think deserve great amounts of praise:
1. The MIRACLE BLANKET - Leilani loves to be swaddled and the miracle blanket makes it so she doesnt get her little hands out (she used to have seriously long finger nails and would scratch her little face), plus her hands wakes her up, so the miracle blanket helps out with that

2. Pampers Swaddlers - I love love love these diapers. During our hospital stay they used these diapers that had a line in the middle that showed whether or not the diaper was wet, I got very used to them, but the pampers we have been buying (regular swaddlers), dont have the line, I just recently found that Pampers Swaddles SENSITIVE have the line. So I will now be buying those!!

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger - This is a new find for me. Leilani HATES being on her back for any reason, especially to sleep. Anyway, when we swaddle her and put her in the lounger, she is out for hours! So now, these is where and how she sleeps at night and it is heaven to have 5-6 hours of straight sleep!!

4. Canon SD750 - I love taking pictures of our sweet bean and this camera is small, light and easy to use!

5. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump - very easy to use and effective. I get 5 ounces in no time!!

6. Boppy Pillow - makes breast feeding a breeze...enough said!

7. Night Lights - its nice to not have to stumble around in the dark to feed, change, or re-dress Leilani, so we keep 2 night lights plugged in at all time.

Thats about it...hugs and kisses from our house to yours!

The Sweet Bean is a total HAM!

As we all know, Chris and I are not shy when it comes to getting our picture taken. In fact, there are plenty of pictures taken by us, of us. Anyway, we had our newborn photography session with Julia Greer (see link below to the slide show) and she was AMAZING and got some pictures that I swear, it's a miracle she caughts. Anyway, our baby, the little bean, Leilani, is a big ham. She makes these faces that are so cute and I have to share a few of them with you...she obviously takes after Chris and I and I cannot wait to see what happens next.


Turn on your speakers and be prepared to be WOWed!

I look a little heavy, but hey, I just had a baby the week before!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leilani Update

So it's been almost 3 weeks since the birth of Leilani, 19 days to be exact. I think we have settled in nicely and are enjoying being a family.

I am not sure if that link will work, but it's a cute video of Chris and Leilani! We have been getting out of the house more often, which is nice and sleeping for longer stretches of time, also very nice! Please feel free to stop by, bring food, and give some love to the newest edition of our family!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leilani has arrived...

So I was due August 17th and needless to say I was getting very antsy...after walking for about 2 hours (2 one hour walks), eating spicy good, squating, a warm bath, and some sexy time with the husband, I went into labor at 10:30pm. At first I had no idea if this was the real deal or not, but Chris starting timing the contractions and tried to have me explain what I was feeling (which I did a terrible job of). Anyway, they were coming at 5 minutes apart from the beginning, so we woke up my mom and headed to the hospital. I barely remember the ride, but was happy there wasnt any traffic. We arrived to the hospital at around midnight. I was still in good spirits and they put me into an "observation" room to see if I was really in labor. The monitor indicated that I was and after being checked was told I was 5 centimeters and 90% effaced. SWEET. We went to the room and got settled in. The next few hours are a blur. I know that labor for me, became VERY INTENSE very QUICKLY. I really wanted a water birth, but as luck would have it, on a full moon, all those rooms were taken. So I labored in the tub and in the room and tried to find a spot where I would be comfortable. I know at one point I was screaming that I needed help and "I dont know what to do" was just so much and then nothing. Around 4:45ish, I was in the tub and was checked, my midwife said I was between 7-8 centimeters and asked if I wanted her to break my water. I said, YES! She broke my bag, nice clear water, and I went immediatly to 8 centimeters. By 5:15 I felt tons of pressure and wanted to push and was checked and was complete! YAY...But man, I was tired, I had hit the "zone" and just needed the baby out. Chris says I would push and then pass out. All I know is my thighs were cramping up and I actually thought to myself: If my legs didnt hurt, this wouldnt be half bad!! My contractions no longer hurt and I was just pushing. I pushed so hard I broke a few blood vessels in my eyes (nothing too bad). Anyway, right around 6:17, my midwife said: With this next contraction, you are having this baby, nobody is going to say anything but me and you are only going to listen to me. She continued to say that I was going to push but a very controlled push and then pant. So I repeated to myself: Push then pant, push then pant. My contraction began, and I was doing exactly as she wanted me too but out of nowhere...BAM the baby was born. Chris says you could see an inch or two of her head and then she FLEW out, literally, in the air and landed on the bed. Turns out, my midwive was trying to strech the area around the baby's head and she moved her hand to switch positions and the baby flew out..from 1-2 inches of head to a full baby in 1/2 second. WOW! I tore, didnt feel it at all! I was so overcome with emotion and love. I commented "I cant believe an actual human being just came out of me!". My mom cried, Chris was ecstatic and I was just elated. They put our little Leilani right on my chest and she began feeding right away. The cord was cut my husband. The midwife delivered my placenta, which also felt great, and then stiched me out (I still didnt feel anything, even when she gave me some litocaine shots to numb the area). She had a little cone head and smushed nose, but I dont know any baby that comes out looking good...heck would you after going through that?

So here are the Stats:

Leilani Elizabeth
7lbs 4 oz
19.5 inches long.

After the whole thing, Chris brought my stuff to our post pardum room and a nurse came in to take me to the room and I almost passed out. I guess I lost a lot more blood than I thought. She broke out the smelling salts, and I was instructed to get a nurse every time I went to the bathroom. Recovery has been pretty easy and I have had a lot of help. Chris took the week off of work and its been great. Totally amazing experience and I highly recommend doing it if you can!

How are you feeling?


Friday, August 15, 2008

4 cm and waiting...

Sooo...yesterday morning I thought my water broke! YAY!! Why you ask, well my pants were wet and the couch was wet too! So I stood up awaiting the big "GUSH" and it never came. So I said to myself: Self, the baby's head is probably just blocking the flow of water as she is so far down. Oh well, I will wait until the contractions start." They never started, so I go on my merry way to my appointment in Dahlonega, GA (about an hour from our house). Anyway, I get a call from my good friend Jessie and tell her about the whole water breaking incident and she says: CALL YOUR DOCTOR! Okay okay, I call and they say: Can you come in right now? I said: No and that I would be in later that afternoon. My appointment goes well, people cant believe I am due in 3 days, etc..yadda yadda...Now I head to the doctors office and because of their lack of communication, I end up at the wrong office (my midwife was at the office I NEVER go to). Anyway, I end up being squeezed in to see Dr. Barett. He is SO nice. He comes in, I tell him my little story and he "checks" me. He tells me I am a "good" 4 centimeters and 80% effaced. Then he says he thinks I would no longer be pregnant within 48 hrs and at ANY sign of labor to go straight to the here we are, 24 hours later and waiting...I am contracting, so hot sauce, a long walk, hot bath, and some other things and we'll see what happens...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cutest Kitten Ever...

Well not EVER because Nittany and the Fat Baby Kitty were SO super cute...but this kitten gives them a run for their money...that's for sure...check it out (in the middle of the page):

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pregnancy is GROSS...

SO seriously...EW! Pregnancy is so gross. For the most part it's been easy and pleasant (for me anyway). Gaining only 16 pounds (lost a pound from last week), and not having any traditional ailments, I consider myself lucky. However, for the past 4 days or so, I just want Leilani OUT! With snot-like mucus coming out of a place other than my nose and then loosing my actual mucus plug (it was the size of a mouse and looked like jumbled up bloody snot), this whole thing is just NASTY! Not to mention, this is JUST the tip of the ice berg!!

At last check I was 3 cm dialated, 80% effaced and the baby was very low and locked in my pelvis. I have had several "real" contractions at night, but they always go we'll see!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh Alarm Clock...How I LOATHE you!

I feel like every time I find the most comfortable spot to sleep, my alarm clock goes off! Making matters worse, when I try to find the spot again after hitting snooze, it eludes me! Then I get molded into another spot, fall asleep and BAM 9 minutes have passed and the alarm goes off and all I hear is: You just keep on using me, until you use me up! While I love that song, I am SO not in the mood to actually WAKE up...let alone GET I hit snooze again, try and refind my "spot", cant, find another, and the whole cycle begins again! Blah...I just need more sleep!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cats Know Something is UP!

I am sitting on my couch working like crazy and both of our cats wont leave me alone. The Fat Baby Kitty is sitting right next to me with her hand, well paw, on my and gets very upset if I move (because then she has to move, but is always touching me). Nittany is sitting next to my head looking out the window, but he NEVER spends time with me during the day. Not to mention the two of them joined Chris and I in bed last night, which is usually something only Nittany does. Oh well, its cute.

So what a weekend we had! We had our 2nd shower, this one being held in our house and hosted by the lovely and talented Terry Abromitis and I have to say, it was awesome!! The food was fantastic and we even had a Baby Bottle Beer Chug and the winner got movie tickets. How cool is that? We got alot of great stuff and a ton of diapers and wipes, which I know we will be using!!! Plus we had some out of town guests which is always nice. Jessie and her 10 week old son Liam came down from Wed-Monday and it was an EYE opener in dealing with a newborn! I do hope Jessie and James move down here as it would be nice to have one of my oldest friends near me! Lauren and her boyfriend, Brian, arrived on Friday night and it was so good to see them. They are so cute together and I hope they get engaged and married soon! Then, MY buddy Dave Kaye came on Saturday afternoon. Chris likes to THINK Dave is more his friend than mine, but that is so not true. I mean I have known Dave since my freshman year of college! Cant beat that with a stick!

Leilani Update: Her head is fully engaged in my pelvis and I am 50% effaced/thinned out. So really she can come at any time. I have gained a total of 17 pounds...YIKES! However, I am happy to say it's all belly and boobs. My midwife, based on Leilani's head size and body position, thinks that she is a "good" 5 pounds. I was SO happy to hear this as I have been telling Leilani that she is allowed to be between 6 and 7 pounds and arrive any time after August 2nd and 11th (preferably the 8th)!! I have been having some contractions but nothing that I can time or to write home about.

Anyway, I am off to get some lunch!

Monday, July 7, 2008

34 weeks...

So it's official: I am ready to meet our little bean. It's not that I am uncomfortable or am ready for the pregnancy to be over. In fact, it's the total opposite. I am comfortable, feel great and can only complain about not being about to sleep on my stomach (my favorite way to sleep). We were at a BBQ this weekend for the 4th and most people thought I was 6 months pregnant and were shocked when I told them I was in my 8th month! I have gained 13 pounds and just need to be sure to not be on my feet for TOO long or the swelling takes ahold of my ankles and feet (it goes away once I put them up). However, I am SO EXCITED to see how big she is going to be (hopefully on the smaller side) and what she looks like. Alot of people can have a pretty good idea of what their child will look like, but I have NO idea. I mean even something as simple as skin tone is a COMPLETE mystery. Technically she will be 1/4 African-American BUT that can manifest itself in many I guess we'll see. In other news, Chris and I put together Leilani's swing and bouncer (I need to figure out the swing, the bouncer is awesome and will play music through an iPod, so no boring tunes for this little one. We organized the nursery and are getting more and more done around the house in anticipation of her arrival. We will be doing "Baby Laundry" after our shower in 2 weeks and then put everything away etc...Work is going well and is helping to keep my mind off of the baby and her arrival (which is good, because I need to be distracted). My last flight is this week (Wednesday-Thursday) to Memphis. Honestly I am most excited to meet her and see Chris with her. Awesome!

Friday, June 6, 2008


So my life has officially become consumed with work and baby. The nursery is almost completely done (after a quick change of bedding and adding pictures, still need more). My company has some seriously awesome things happening which means more work, yet more money for me if everything happens that way I am envisioning it. Leilani is more active than ever and make sure I know if she is not happy with that way I am sleeping. She is due in about 10 weeks, although I think she'll be here in the next 8-9 weeks! Chris looked at me last and just said "WHOA" like he just realized I was pregnant! Needless to say this did not make me feel thin and beautiful! But it was still funny. Anyway, I better start working so I dont start rambling as Pregnancy Brain is in FULL EFFECT!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nursery is almost done..

So I am PSYCHED to say that Leilani's room is almost 100% done. We just need to hang her crib quilt, and perhaps one more frame. Also, her bedding has changed since these pictures and I will take pics once its totally done, but here you go:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leilani Update..

So it's official: Leilani Elizabeth is ONE stubborn little girl. We went to have an ultrasound yesterday and while she gave a great view of her heart and was being very active, she would NOT move her head to get a good picture or view of her face. I mean, for 40 minutes the tech tried, the doc came in and tried..nothing!! But oh well, it will be more of a surprise when she is actually here as to what she looks like. I am not sure when our next ultrasound is, but I hope it's soon. I know our last 4 week OB appointment is in early June then it's every 2 weeks. She is currently 1 pound and 13 ounces and looks great. Like I said she is extremely active and Chris and i both get a kick out of watching my belly move as she moves around in there. We try and read to her every night which she enjoys and it immediatly calms her down before going to bed. Her nursery is 98% done and Chris has done a wonderful job with everything! I have gained 6 or 7 pounds total depending on which doctors office I am in, but looking rounder, yet still not totally pregnant if I am in street or work clothes. I feel great though sometimes moody (although I was like that before I was pregnant). We officially have 99 days to go and one more week until we are in our 3rd trimester...YAY!!

RIP Little Butts

I received a text message late in the afternoon last week that said "Do you mind if I bring home a baby bird?" Of course, I said "sure, why not." So Little Butts became a member of our family. This little mocking bird fell out of its nest and was being attacked by the Bennett Design shop cat, Cow-Kitty, when Chris saved it. He saved a life and was thoughtful enough to bring it home and try and nurse it back to health to release into our backyard. All I know is this bird was SOOOOO cute and it's little cheep-cheeping was enough to make anyone's heart melt. I got to watch as Chris paternal instincts kicked in and he fed Little Butts (I named it - being that we have a Big Fat Butts and Medium Butts aka the baby kitty and Nittany) with his finger with food he made himself that he researched on the internet. He even made it a little nest out of tupperware and paper towels!! Serioulsy adorable. Anyway, we went to bed and prayed for the best as we knew that for the most part, baby birds that had sustained this much trauma didnt make it through the night. I awoke at 7am and saw Little Butts nest in the sink and knew that Little Butts was no more. I am happy to say that the little bird's last night on earth was a happy one! Rest In Peace Little Butts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Crying Episode

For some reason I keep thinking that something is going to go wrong with this pregnancy b/c it is going sooo smoothly. Anyway, as the weeks have gone by and I can feel her kick and move on a more regular basis, I still haven't TRULY allowed myself to believe this is real and actually connect and commune with my baby. Anyway, Alicia Keys was performing No One on the Today Show and Leilani kicked and moved and I just started BAWLING and rubbing my ever growing belly and FINALLY...FINALLY felt the connection that I have been holding myself back from. This was an amazing experience and I am feeling so wonderful right now. Man, what a morning!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lookin' Good and Feeling' Fine

Well we are officially 23 weeks pregnant and I am feeling GREAT! I have been working and travelling ALOT which leads to foot pain and total EXHAUSTION! Other than that I am doing well. Chris is doing well too (at least I hope so) and is dealing with my MINOR (read Medium to Major) mood swings and rudeness (my new nickname is Little Miss Know It All). We went to Home Depot today and got some materials for the baby's closet. So now we just need a few more items, paint a few things and organize her closet, hang some items and the nursery will be done!!!

Good times and I must say I am having a blast watching it all come together!! The next few weekends are going to be busy with homeowners meetings, kickball, our annual Cinco De Mayo party and of course a doctor's appointment here and there.

Oh and her name is officially: Leilani Elizabeth (it's promounced LAY-LA-NEE). Hope to see everyone soon!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So here I am thinking that we are having a boy. NO DOUBT, having a boy. Well that is not the case! Chris and I went to our scheduled ultrasound at 8am this morning and we told the tech right away that we wanted to know the gender. She then told us that it was still "early" and she may not be able to see it. Well after a few minutes of looking at our MIRACLE, I just know it’s a girl, plus I saw her parts and trust me it was missing the ding-a-ling. So I just shouted out "I think it’s a girl!" To which the tech said "I think you’re right!" Chris didnt see anything but was PSYCHED because he was right the whole time, making me totally wrong. After watching our little one for a few minutes longer, it hit me like a ton of bricks...HOLY CRAP WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! Do you even know what that means??? A freakin’ girl! They are SO cute, so sweet and wonderful, up until about 13 years of age..then BAM..they become something else...I should know, I was one! God help me now! When I told my sister it was a girl she said "thats great, you know girls are payback for what you did to your mom!" DANG IT! Well I might as well enjoy it until my little girl turns on me...hahaha...but I know it will get better after a few years, or at least when she goes to college, but GOD HELP ME! Oh and lets not even talk about boys and sex...okay, I am about to have a heart attack...all I know is birth control and the sex talk are coming early and often. To those of you with boys, be mindful, we have a shotgun and shovel, STAY AWAY!! Hahaha! With that..I sign off and take many MANY deep breaths!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Whoa...first baby dream

So I had this weird dream last night about our baby! Finally! I dreamt that I was in labor at at a hospital ready to push and neither Chris nor my mom where in the room. The good part was I wasnt under any medication and was totally pain free (One can dream right). Anyway, the doctor said push and I said NO because my loved ones were missing. However, I started pushing anyway, and not 2 minutes later I gave birth to a baby boy who I named Griffin. Then I started crying...I even woke up weird is that??

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Madame Zaritska predicts my birth experience!

Madame Zaritska, our resident clairvoyant, wants to help you prepare for the arrival of your child. Here she does her best to predict certain aspects of your labor and birth experience.

What she senses for you
The day you deliver, outside will be sunny. Your baby will arrive in the evening.

After a labor lasting approximately 7 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and will be 18-1/2 inches long. This child will have green eyes and a little patch of brown hair.

But there is more. While I would love to visit with you more, I have other clients waiting. Why don't you visit the message boards and talk to other expectant mothers? I'm sure you will find you have much to share, and, too, to learn.

I guess we'll see if she is right about the girl part next week!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Update from Pregnancy Central

Good Evening and HAPPY FRIDAY! We are 15 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Oddly enough I feel like I am still loosing weight, but starting to look pregnant if you looks close enough (you can see pictures on myspace or facebook). My sister says "You look so cute, but you are going to be gaining like crazy soon." To which I reply "Thanks ALOT!" I still cannot believe that I am actually pregnant and that in 5.5 months we'll have a beautiful newborn. WOW...I mean 4 more weeks and we are 1/2 through the pregnancy. I so in shock, so I have Chris use our fetal doppler to find the heartbeat to make sure its still there. He is AMAZING at finding it and I LOVE hearing it!
Currently I am always tired and I dont know if it's because I have been working like crazy or if its due to the pregnancy, but either way, I am sooooo exhausted! I havent had any cravings to date, but my skin is super itchy. But then again it could just be the weather and not the pregnancy. MY BOOBS ARE HUGE! It's crazy! I know I had big boobs to begin with, but good LORD! Moreover, the end is nowhere in site...I think maybe I should look into doing pregnancy porn with all of the new growth going on. Then again, I dont want to know what I look like doing it...hahaha...
Oh in about 2 weeks we will find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. Funny enough, I almost want to wait and have it be a surprise, but I know Chris wants to find out, so we'll see.
Anyway, for those for those of you in the NYC area, our shower is on June 14th in Westhampton and for those in ATL, I think our shower will be in July 5th or 12th at our house.
I guess that's about it. Call, email or send a letter and never hesitate to visit!

Alana, Chris, and Baby Powers

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Telling the News - Videos

Okay, they are taking forever to load..if you want to see them, I have loaded them on snapfish and can send you the link!




As I am sure all of you know: WE ARE PREGNANT!!! We are currently about to start our 2nd trimester and I am feeling really good. I have lost 10lbs since getting pregnant, primarily due to eating better and eating less in general. I only had one real bought of morning sickness and almost feel like this pregnancy is too good to be true. We are obviously over the moon and cannot wait to see if we are having a little boy Powers or a little girl Powers. Chris is on Team Pink and I am on Team Blue. We will know in 4 weeks or so. Telling Chris was great and so was telling our parents...I have video and will be sure to post them in another post! Just FYI Chris curses alot, he was quite shocked as was I. Anyway, see a picture of baby Powers to the left and a video with the baby's heartbeat. Love to everyone and thank you to all of your support! Love, Alana, Chris and Baby Powers