Tuesday, August 28, 2007


GOOD GRIEF!! I just got this HUGE box of my medications for this IVF cycle. The good news: Insurance covered all of it and I just had to pay a $110 copay. The bad news: Starting tomorrow morning, I need to start injecting myself in the belly and will become moody (even more so) and bloated with many many eggs. So this box arrives to my house at around 10am this morning and I had to immediatly refridgerate some things. Then I took out my "sharps" container and all of my needles and felt like a very sick person. Then as I was reading my instructions I couldn't remember when I was supposed to take my 1st medication (meaning once a day or twice a day)! Oy Vey!! So I called Chris and he said with NO hesitation: Its twice a day...being that I KNOW Chris, I called my doctor and its only once a day! Good thing I asked, right! So starting tomorrow, I am officially on IVF drugs...wish us luck!

Friday, August 24, 2007

IVF: Here we come

Okay, so we have had a CRAZY week. Starting last Friday morning, my aunt died. Then on Friday afternoon, I find out I have to have surgery because of polyps in my uterus. This freaked me out because I thought it would delay our IVF cycle, plus I had to wait until Monday to schedule this surgery. Saturday we had dinner with some friends of our and found out they were pregnant! Good for them, but add to that, that the food was TERRIBLE and it made for a rough evening. We finally get home and watch a movie, and find that our refrigerator is broken and no longer cooling. Great, now we have to get a new fridge after already spending $25,000 on IVF! So Sunday morning we wake up, go to Home Depot and get a nice new fridge, which, by the way, cannot be delivered until Thursday. NUTS! Then we have a couple we know come over for a BBQ that afternoon. After about 20 minutes of chatting, they let it slip that they are pregnant too...BLAH...the hits just keep on coming. So Sunday comes to a close and Chris is beginning to feel very frustrated about the whole pregnancy thing. I assured him our time would come and we would probably end up with twins!

Monday comes and surgery is scheduled for Thursday at 6am. However, I need to go in for a pre-op on Wednesday. Blah...Pre-Op comes and goes, we sign some papers, whatever, get my blood pressure taken, breath sounds are listened to as well as my heart, we are cleared for surgery. Thursday morning arrives all too quickly and we wait in the waiting room (arrive at 5:30am). We sign more papers and I am brought back to a very cold room. I am greeted by a nice, overly-upbeat nurse who gives me my IV and makes dumb jokes. Chris is finally brought back and he looks VERY nervous, I am too tired to be nervous. The anesthesiologist comes in, makes more dumb jokes and leaves. My doctor comes in, tells us about his car problems, and then makes ANOTHER dumb joke...goodness, lets get this shit over with already!! Then another nurse comes back and takes me to the OR...well not before I give Chris 3 kisses. I am put on a table, Oxygen mask is given to me, I feel tingly and then nothing. All I remember is feeling like I am in bed and sleeping comfortably.

Waking up was much better that I anticipated and I come out almost fully awake and ready to go. Chris said he was only in the waiting room for 20 minutes!! Then we go home and I sleep from 8am until 2pm...nice!! So I am 1 day Post-Op and am feeling pretty good. I cant say that I will be playing paintball on Sunday with Chris, but at least I can go to the movies or something.

We had an "injection teaching" today and man am I confused. However, our meds will be ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday for use on Wednesday. We are very excited and are positive this cycle will work.

So anyone who has been though IVF...say a prayer for us and share your experiences!!