Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nursery is almost done..

So I am PSYCHED to say that Leilani's room is almost 100% done. We just need to hang her crib quilt, and perhaps one more frame. Also, her bedding has changed since these pictures and I will take pics once its totally done, but here you go:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leilani Update..

So it's official: Leilani Elizabeth is ONE stubborn little girl. We went to have an ultrasound yesterday and while she gave a great view of her heart and was being very active, she would NOT move her head to get a good picture or view of her face. I mean, for 40 minutes the tech tried, the doc came in and tried..nothing!! But oh well, it will be more of a surprise when she is actually here as to what she looks like. I am not sure when our next ultrasound is, but I hope it's soon. I know our last 4 week OB appointment is in early June then it's every 2 weeks. She is currently 1 pound and 13 ounces and looks great. Like I said she is extremely active and Chris and i both get a kick out of watching my belly move as she moves around in there. We try and read to her every night which she enjoys and it immediatly calms her down before going to bed. Her nursery is 98% done and Chris has done a wonderful job with everything! I have gained 6 or 7 pounds total depending on which doctors office I am in, but looking rounder, yet still not totally pregnant if I am in street or work clothes. I feel great though sometimes moody (although I was like that before I was pregnant). We officially have 99 days to go and one more week until we are in our 3rd trimester...YAY!!

RIP Little Butts

I received a text message late in the afternoon last week that said "Do you mind if I bring home a baby bird?" Of course, I said "sure, why not." So Little Butts became a member of our family. This little mocking bird fell out of its nest and was being attacked by the Bennett Design shop cat, Cow-Kitty, when Chris saved it. He saved a life and was thoughtful enough to bring it home and try and nurse it back to health to release into our backyard. All I know is this bird was SOOOOO cute and it's little cheep-cheeping was enough to make anyone's heart melt. I got to watch as Chris paternal instincts kicked in and he fed Little Butts (I named it - being that we have a Big Fat Butts and Medium Butts aka the baby kitty and Nittany) with his finger with food he made himself that he researched on the internet. He even made it a little nest out of tupperware and paper towels!! Serioulsy adorable. Anyway, we went to bed and prayed for the best as we knew that for the most part, baby birds that had sustained this much trauma didnt make it through the night. I awoke at 7am and saw Little Butts nest in the sink and knew that Little Butts was no more. I am happy to say that the little bird's last night on earth was a happy one! Rest In Peace Little Butts.