Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leilani has arrived...

So I was due August 17th and needless to say I was getting very antsy...after walking for about 2 hours (2 one hour walks), eating spicy good, squating, a warm bath, and some sexy time with the husband, I went into labor at 10:30pm. At first I had no idea if this was the real deal or not, but Chris starting timing the contractions and tried to have me explain what I was feeling (which I did a terrible job of). Anyway, they were coming at 5 minutes apart from the beginning, so we woke up my mom and headed to the hospital. I barely remember the ride, but was happy there wasnt any traffic. We arrived to the hospital at around midnight. I was still in good spirits and they put me into an "observation" room to see if I was really in labor. The monitor indicated that I was and after being checked was told I was 5 centimeters and 90% effaced. SWEET. We went to the room and got settled in. The next few hours are a blur. I know that labor for me, became VERY INTENSE very QUICKLY. I really wanted a water birth, but as luck would have it, on a full moon, all those rooms were taken. So I labored in the tub and in the room and tried to find a spot where I would be comfortable. I know at one point I was screaming that I needed help and "I dont know what to do" was just so much and then nothing. Around 4:45ish, I was in the tub and was checked, my midwife said I was between 7-8 centimeters and asked if I wanted her to break my water. I said, YES! She broke my bag, nice clear water, and I went immediatly to 8 centimeters. By 5:15 I felt tons of pressure and wanted to push and was checked and was complete! YAY...But man, I was tired, I had hit the "zone" and just needed the baby out. Chris says I would push and then pass out. All I know is my thighs were cramping up and I actually thought to myself: If my legs didnt hurt, this wouldnt be half bad!! My contractions no longer hurt and I was just pushing. I pushed so hard I broke a few blood vessels in my eyes (nothing too bad). Anyway, right around 6:17, my midwife said: With this next contraction, you are having this baby, nobody is going to say anything but me and you are only going to listen to me. She continued to say that I was going to push but a very controlled push and then pant. So I repeated to myself: Push then pant, push then pant. My contraction began, and I was doing exactly as she wanted me too but out of nowhere...BAM the baby was born. Chris says you could see an inch or two of her head and then she FLEW out, literally, in the air and landed on the bed. Turns out, my midwive was trying to strech the area around the baby's head and she moved her hand to switch positions and the baby flew out..from 1-2 inches of head to a full baby in 1/2 second. WOW! I tore, didnt feel it at all! I was so overcome with emotion and love. I commented "I cant believe an actual human being just came out of me!". My mom cried, Chris was ecstatic and I was just elated. They put our little Leilani right on my chest and she began feeding right away. The cord was cut my husband. The midwife delivered my placenta, which also felt great, and then stiched me out (I still didnt feel anything, even when she gave me some litocaine shots to numb the area). She had a little cone head and smushed nose, but I dont know any baby that comes out looking good...heck would you after going through that?

So here are the Stats:

Leilani Elizabeth
7lbs 4 oz
19.5 inches long.

After the whole thing, Chris brought my stuff to our post pardum room and a nurse came in to take me to the room and I almost passed out. I guess I lost a lot more blood than I thought. She broke out the smelling salts, and I was instructed to get a nurse every time I went to the bathroom. Recovery has been pretty easy and I have had a lot of help. Chris took the week off of work and its been great. Totally amazing experience and I highly recommend doing it if you can!

How are you feeling?


Friday, August 15, 2008

4 cm and waiting...

Sooo...yesterday morning I thought my water broke! YAY!! Why you ask, well my pants were wet and the couch was wet too! So I stood up awaiting the big "GUSH" and it never came. So I said to myself: Self, the baby's head is probably just blocking the flow of water as she is so far down. Oh well, I will wait until the contractions start." They never started, so I go on my merry way to my appointment in Dahlonega, GA (about an hour from our house). Anyway, I get a call from my good friend Jessie and tell her about the whole water breaking incident and she says: CALL YOUR DOCTOR! Okay okay, I call and they say: Can you come in right now? I said: No and that I would be in later that afternoon. My appointment goes well, people cant believe I am due in 3 days, etc..yadda yadda...Now I head to the doctors office and because of their lack of communication, I end up at the wrong office (my midwife was at the office I NEVER go to). Anyway, I end up being squeezed in to see Dr. Barett. He is SO nice. He comes in, I tell him my little story and he "checks" me. He tells me I am a "good" 4 centimeters and 80% effaced. Then he says he thinks I would no longer be pregnant within 48 hrs and at ANY sign of labor to go straight to the here we are, 24 hours later and waiting...I am contracting, so hot sauce, a long walk, hot bath, and some other things and we'll see what happens...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Cutest Kitten Ever...

Well not EVER because Nittany and the Fat Baby Kitty were SO super cute...but this kitten gives them a run for their money...that's for sure...check it out (in the middle of the page):

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pregnancy is GROSS...

SO seriously...EW! Pregnancy is so gross. For the most part it's been easy and pleasant (for me anyway). Gaining only 16 pounds (lost a pound from last week), and not having any traditional ailments, I consider myself lucky. However, for the past 4 days or so, I just want Leilani OUT! With snot-like mucus coming out of a place other than my nose and then loosing my actual mucus plug (it was the size of a mouse and looked like jumbled up bloody snot), this whole thing is just NASTY! Not to mention, this is JUST the tip of the ice berg!!

At last check I was 3 cm dialated, 80% effaced and the baby was very low and locked in my pelvis. I have had several "real" contractions at night, but they always go we'll see!